What Are the Biggest Advancements in Technology?

Two decades ago, the idea of social networking and pocket sized computers was something dreamed about or seen on a science fiction program. As each year passes, newer, faster and bigger advancements in technology arrive with breathtaking pace.

The Internet – There has been no bigger advancement than the improvement and transformation of the Internet. It’s not just that one in twelve people are now on Facebook, it’s that the Internet has revolutionized the way global commerce transpires. Think about it. Some old guy in Boston is holding onto his autographed Larry Bird jersey and some kid in Montana wants it. The old guy advertises on EBay and the kid purchases the jersey without ever setting foot in Massachusetts. The Internet has changed the way we get our news, given us the ability to communicate without writing a letter and changed the way advertisers put their information out to the public.
Cell phones – It’s almost comical to watch any movie from the 1980’s when someone is toting around a foot-long cell phone. In those days, everyone wanted one but couldn’t afford it or didn’t have access to a network of service. Today, just about everyone from 11 to 90 has a cell phone and the myriad of ways they are used is quite remarkable if you look back just a few short years.
Remote Control Software – It used to be a very hefty task to manage servers and computers in large networks before the advent of remote control software. Software like Tight VNC has made it easier for the administrators, technicians and developers to collaborate, manage servers, and to access remote data easily. One can choose among a large number of remote control software to access and transfer data remotely. There are software programs like Putty that allow transferring data in encrypted form for secure transfers.
Today, business people send and receive email and share graphic presentations all through the use of their pocket computer or cell phone. Even the way people travel has changed drastically with the improvements of the cell phone. You don’t have to pack your winter survival gear when traveling across country because cell service is available in even the most remote of locations.

The Internet has changed the way we live and just about everyone is on board. People are starting to think of the advancements we’ll see in the Internet in 20 years.

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