Retail Shopping With PayPal; Not Just for Auctions Anymore is the largest ‘banking’ website online. Anyone can take a credit card, debit card and electronic checking from customers for payment and PayPal makes the whole thing cheap and easy. Any funds in the account can be downloaded to a bank account by the user at any time, as well as funds from the bank account can be uploaded to the PayPal account. Why would someone do that? To make shopping online much easier.

There are many online retail sellers and other businesses that take PayPal for payment. Users know that any amount in the account can make instant payments for items and services online without having to type in credit card and other personal information. The ‘instant’ payment ensures immediate delivery of the goods or services being purchased. Once again, ‘instant gratification’ has been served.

Shopping Online With PayPal

PayPal has had transaction nightmares in it’s history, but it’s learned and improved every step of the way. They are now the largest and safest online financial transaction institution in the world.

The companies that deal with PayPal pay a very small percentage of each transaction – literally cents on the dollar – to do their transactions with the public. The dealings pay for overhead, because even PayPal doesn’t get free banking.

Having money right there online is so easy, and it’s easy to use. No typing in long numbers and codes, no electronic signatures or other parts of security programs that take up time. PayPal has their own security system and it’s fast. Setting up an account takes only minutes. Money from a bank account can be uploaded, and after a security check, shopping can take place.

Businesses That Take PayPal for Payment

Here are just a small sampling of the list:

Best Buy
1-800 Flowers
Camera World
Hundreds more!

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